Electrical Cables In Your Home

All electrical lines that depart from the electric distribution board, generally present in the house in the vicinity and downstream of the input port of the electricity meter, are constituted by electrical conductors suitably section related to the power of the loads to be supplied, to the laying mode and the length of the lines. Generally, sections of the cables present in a common household wiring are 2.5 sq mm with the exception of plant parts intended for specific loads and higher power than the other, such as ovens, refrigerators and machines conditioning: in these cases, generally does not exceed the cross section of 4 sqmm. The section from 2.5 sq is also adopted for the realization of the uprights for the lighting systems; the largest of these sections, according to the rules, should be adopted also for the home’s electrical system protection conductors. In most practical cases, ie for domestic installations with installed power and simultaneity factors and utilization of electrical loads such as to be satisfied by the typical counter 3 kW – for which it is not …read more


Electronic Load House

The number of electrical load that we have at home can weigh considerably on electricity bills; the latter is determined by the number of hours during which the various loads absorb electric current. For electrical load is any device that, connected to an electrical system, it absorbs the energy needed for its operation, usually at the point of the electrical energy supply that is the classic wall outlet. Electrical loads risks Each plug, with its power cord of an appliance, is dimensioned to absorb a certain amount of electrical energy, in the form of current and power supply voltage with a maximum value of 230 V. For this reason you should never replace an electrical plug supplied together to a household appliance, with another, for example, replace a plug dimensioned for a certain value of current with another compatible. In this way, use could be in error trivial to replace a socket 10A with a 16A, compromising the correct functioning of the appliance and causing a risk of overheating of the electrical supply socket. Most of the appliances that absorb …read more


How To Choose Cables

The connection cables, as well as those who go to the speakers and those of interconnection between different devices, have been considered completely irrelevant for a long time on the sound performance of a system with high fidelity. Since the beginning of the 80 different companies have started to offer special cables for HiFi. To the astonishment and general incredulity audiophiles and magazines they have begun to support the thesis that the cables had a great influence on the sound of a plant and has since been a growing unstoppable right to the madness of our times when you get to also pay € 5,000 for one (1) special meter cable. This is the background. Now we can try to understand a little ‘more. How to extricate Let’s start with a little ‘notations. The cables from the amplifier to the speakers are known as power cables ( “speakers cables” in English). The cables that connect the various devices of the system are called signal cables or interconnection ( “signal cables” or “interconnects” in English). The cables connecting the devices to …read more


Implementation Phases Electric...

The implementation electrical system in a residential building is done, usually, after the implementation of water systems and before the air conditioning systems and/or air treatment. Naturally, for the correct design and realization electrical system needs to know the destination of the environments of the house, with the related electric loads, both in terms of electromotive force both in terms of lighting, then account should be taken of the presence of particular electrical loads, such as those related to the packaging machines, and of the preparations for plants which provide for the exploitation of natural energy sources, among which the most common are the installations to photovoltaic solar panels. It is good to remember the obligatory, that the current laws impose, the exploitation of alternative energy sources to reduce energy costs of buildings and for the reduction of environmental pollution, and in this regard among other facilities, independent and that necessarily They must interface with the electrical system, that can be realized for housing remind geothermal plants and those in thermal solar panels. As regards the working phases of the …read more